“Are there any `quick fixes’ for NZ’s road toll?”

Yes, implementing safer traffic speeds would be a quick and cost-effective way to reduce New Zealand’s road toll. Typically this means 80 km/h on undivided rural roads and 30 km/h around schools, shopping centres and community facilities. However, under the scrutiny of the previous Government, NZTA’s new speed management guide was revised to specifically prevent “wholesale changes to speed limits in the short term” and was used to perpetrate the myth that there is “no quick fix to our road safety challenges”. (NZTA Speed Management Guide. November 2016)

“Aren’t most people opposed to slower traffic speeds? “

No, NZTA’s research shows that the majority of New Zealanders agreed that our roads would be safer if we all drove a little slower, and they understand lower speed limits reduce road trauma (NZTA research report 563: Safer speeds: public acceptance and compliance. December 2014)