We are working to achieve

We are working to achieve:
The Speed Management Guide to adopt Vision Zero and the “Systematic Safety” principles to improve road safety.
Implement safe speeds of:
30 km/h zones around schools at peak times
40 km/h zones or less around shopping centres and community centres
60 – 80 km/h on rural roads that have insufficient shoulders or sightlines.

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Wheelie bin stickers for safe streets

We love 30 km/h! Spread the word with our wheelie bin stickers

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NZTA’s nationwide reluctance to implementing safer speed limits

Over the years NZTA has told us that New Zealanders aren't keen on reducing speed limits to make roads safer.  However all around the country we're seeing communities demand safer speed limits,  as people realise that 100 km/h for an undivided rural road just isn't safe...

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Time for traffic speeds that put New Zealanders’ safety first

NZTA is updating the country’s speed-limit setting rule but is unwilling to put New Zealanders' safety first...

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Police make case for 80 km/h on our rural roads

NZ Police road policing team operations manager Inspector Peter McKennie putting the case for safer speed limits of 80 km/h on our rural roads

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