Over the years NZTA has told us that New Zealanders aren’t keen on reducing speed limits to make roads safer.  However all around the country we’re seeing communities demand safer speed limits,  as people realise that 100 km/h for an undivided rural road just isn’t safe…

In Pareora, near Timaru, NZTA has dismissed many of the residents’ concerns about a stretch of road which over a 10-year period, has seen three fatal crashes, four serious crashes, five minor injury crashes and 16 non-injury crashes.

In Southland, NZTA is relunctant to consider the community requests for safer speeds limits, claiming that these roads are outside of New Zealand’s  top 10%  “high benefit” speed management opportunities. What this means is that people must die before NZTA will consider safer speed limits.

In Kerikeri, local residents became so frustrated by lack of action that they reduced the speed limits to 80 km/h themselves.

Even NZTA’s own research that most New Zealanders agree that our roads would be safer if we all drove a little slower, and they understand lower speed limits reduce road trauma (see NZTA research report 563: Safer speeds: public acceptance and compliance, December 2014)

We think it ‘s time NZTA took a look in the mirror to see who are the real culprits are blocking safer speed limits for New Zealand.